Wildlife Sightings

Reporting and viewing sightings using iRecord

Forest Town Nature Conservation Group recommends that wildlife sightings and species records are reported via iRecord, a service operated by the Biological Records Centre (BRC) as part of the work of the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH).

You can submit sightings via the iRecord website or app, but to associate the sightings with FTNCG we recommend that you follow our guide (below). These sightings can then be seen by others.

Spa Ponds tree records

Records on trees found on the site are available as a Google Sheet, and there is also maps and other information in our Heritage Management Plan and on the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Tree Inventory website. Most of the trees on Spa Ponds were recorded by Mark Fretwell, and further work was done to confirm these records as part of training provided by Andy Hollis.

Spa Ponds and Forest Town 2011-2016 wildlife sightings

Our 2011-2016 records are available as Google Spreadsheets.

Spa Ponds wildlife videos

Produced by Scruffy Whippet Media.
Produced by Josh Padley.