History of Spa Ponds

The History of Spa Ponds, a ten-part tale curated and narrated by Josh Dowen:

  1. The origin of the springs at Spa Ponds (Pre-history)
  2. The Domesday manors of Mansfield and Clipstone (1066-1102)
  3. The King’s creation of Clipstone Park (1176-1180)
  4. The people and the Peel (1316-1328)
  5. The desolation of Clipstone Park (1642-1660)
  6. The Grate Harakan and the steel waters (1714-1748)
  7. Flood Dykes, enclosure, and first maps showing the ponds (1819-1850)
  8. Pond reconstruction after subsidence (1983-1984)
  9. Living memories and community ownership (1940s to present)
  10. Then and now photographs (1980s to present)

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