Pipes, Paths, and Ponds

In November 2022 FTNCG Members and Supporters celebrated being awarded £45,000 in funding from the Severn Trent Community Fund to pay for improvements to the Spa Ponds Nature Reserve.

Severn Trent Community Fund Logo

The work is making the site better for visitors and wildlife by helping prevent pollution from getting into the ponds and by making the footpaths around the ponds easier to use. The work also involves planting reeds and flowers around the ponds, removing some trees and branches to let more light in, planting new trees, and adding barriers to protect sensitive parts of the site.

The Severn Trent Community Fund awards grant money to support community wellbeing by investing in people, places and the environment. FTNCG’s ‘Pipes, Paths, and Ponds’ project was backed by the Sherwood Water Catchment Partnership, the Sherwood Landscape Partnership, and the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Seed mixes chosen based on the pH content of the soil, the shaded nature of the area, and the desire to support pollinators. Seed mixes sown comprised of 80% grasses and 20% wildflowers, including cornflower, ox-eye daisy, wild foxglove, sneezewort, sorrel, trefoil, vetch, yellow rattle, cowslip, and ragged robin. For full details see N12 Acid Soils Meadow Mixture (Naturescape) and Acidic Soils Wildflower Meadow Seed BS11M 80/20 (Boston Seeds).

Volunteer work on the project, focusing on the grasses and pollinating wildflowers in the chestnut wood off the bridleway on the south portion of Spa Ponds.

EMEC Contract work on pipes, paths, ponds, and more