Spa Ponds Work Session this Saturday (6th October)

Our next Spa Ponds work session is planned for this Saturday 6th October, from 10am at the Clipstone Drive entrance. Everyone is welcome as there will be plenty to do, including some of the actions outlined in the notes available from: such as:
  • Strimming the nettles near the entrance
  • Thinning out the self-set sycamores and other marked saplings
  • Identifying and preparing spots for planing trees in November
  • Clearing around the roses that we planted earlier this year
  • Repairing dead-hedges along the boundary and around Ponds 0 and 1
  • Using the grapple to remove woody debris from Pond 2
  • Trimming the hawthorn at Spa Lane, widening the path, and other tasks associated with maintaining bridleway
Please join us on Saturday if you are able. Weather reports suggest we could be in for some light rain, so dress appropriately.
Hope to see you there!