New Site Management Plan for Spa Ponds

SpaPondsRoundedSpa Ponds Nature Reserve, located off Clipstone Drive near Garibaldi Wood (with an entrance opposite the White Gates pub), is a local wildlife site that is also a valuable part of our mediaeval heritage.

As a community we decided to purchase the site to improve Spa Ponds for nature conservation, community access, and as part of the heritage work taking place throughout Nottinghamshire. Thanks to many kind individuals and organisations we raised the funds, and now own the site for public benefit. Following the Group’s purchase of Spa Ponds Nature Reserve, we agreed a vision for the future of the site with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust who previously took the lead on managing the site.

With the support of the Trust an updated Habitat Management Plan for the site has now been produced by EMEC Ecology. The new Plan focusses on managing the site as a nature reserve, and it is hoped that this can be complemented by a Heritage Management Plan that focusses on the value of the site as a medieval heritage asset which is part of a rich historical context.