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Planning Sub-Committee


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First meeting

Thursday evening 25th August saw the inaugural meeting of the Forest Town Community Council’s Planning Sub-Committee. Co-Chairs Jim Pugh and Shlomo Dowen were joined by eight fellow Forest Town residents and three guests from Annesley Woodhouse. After everyone introduced themselves, participants discussed the sub-committee’s terms of reference (see below) and priorities for action. The group provides anyone who is interested with an opportunity to explore planning issues in greater depth than is possible during the monthly Community Council meetings. Concerns were expressed that development pressures in and around Forest Town could increase due to recent planning permissions granted setting a precedent. It was agreed that working towards a vision of the future of Forest Town is more positive than merely opposing new development. The sub-committee hopes to play a role in improving the quality of development control decisions and helping local people to better understand the planning system in order to have a bigger say in planning decisions. Jim and Shlomo were tasked with collating and analysing the priorities and offers of voluntary support and to use these responses to formulate an Action Plan for the medium-term future of the Planning Sub-Committee, and report back.

Click on the link to view the notes from this meeting: FTCC PSC Meeting 25 August 2011 Notes

Terms of Reference

The Forest Town Community Council Planning Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of the Forest Town Community Council.

The sub-committee is open to volunteers who live or work in Forest Town, and others with an interest in Forest Town.

The sub-committee is empowered to co-opt, and/or take advice from, suitably qualified individuals and organisations.

Appointment of Sub-Committee
Sub-committee members are appointed by at least two existing sub-committee members, and/or Executive Committee members, and/or by a simple majority of those attending a meeting of the Forest Town Community Council.

Once appointed, sub-committee membership will last until the next AGM, at which point members can be reappointed or removed by a simple majority vote, and/or by at least two Executive Committee members.

The Chair of the sub-committee will be responsible for keeping the Forest Town Community Council’s Executive Committee informed of the activities of the sub-committee. The Chair shall ensure that an agreed written record of each sub-committee meetings is forwarded to the Executive Committee Secretary.

The sub-committee can decide to appoint more than one Chair of the sub-committee, in which case the Co-Chairs will share all relevant responsibilities.

Frequency of meetings and quorum
The sub-committee will meet as and when required, and in any case no less than three times a year. A quorum at each meeting shall be two members.

A simple majority of sub-committee members is required to carry any motion, although attempts should be made to reach consensus wherever practicable.

Submissions made on behalf of the sub-committee, including letters to newspapers, must be given prior approval from the Chair of the sub-committee. In the event the sub-committee has more than one Co-Chair, prior approval must be granted by any one of the Co-Chairs.

Functions of the Forest Town Community Council Planning Sub-Committee
• To make submissions on behalf of the Forest Town Community Council in relation to relevant consultations, including but not limited to planning applications and planning strategy consultations conducted by Mansfield District Council, Newark & Sherwood District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and/or would-be developers.
• To provide (one or more) Executive Committee members, at the earliest practicable opportunity, with hard and/or electronic copies of any consultation submission made or to be made on behalf of the Forest Town Community Council; and to respond to suggestions made or issues raised by any member of the Forest Town Community Council.
• To support the process of formulating a community/neighbourhood plan for Forest Town, including the establishment of a Steering Group to oversee this process.
• To work with the Executive Committee Treasurer to identify and secure funds to further the work of the sub-committee.

To discuss the Forest Town Community Council Planning Sub-Committee please contact Co-Chair Shlomo Dowen by e-mail or telephone (01623) 640134.